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Jun 21 2007

Look what I got!!!

Hello my fellow puddins! (And hello to you dogs too.) For the past week Mom has been hinting that I might be getting something special in the mail. I just ignored her because…well…that’s what we cats do. But I also ignored her because I’ve never gotten anything in the mail in my life. That’s a …

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May 19 2007

Catching up with HK

Hello to all my fans! Yes, I’ve been quiet. I’ve been too lazy to even try to blog and that dog hasn’t been much of a help to me lately. I think she’s jealous of all the food I’ve been getting to eat lately and well, because she isn’t a cat herself. Being a cat …

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Mar 25 2007

Good Times, Sad Times…

Audrey the Princess here. (Some of you dogs may know me as ‘Hissy Kitty.’) Things are still rather unsettled in our house right now but that really isn’t bothering me too much. I still have a nice, warm bed – several of them, in fact – I have plenty of food and water and I’ve …

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Dec 18 2006

Update: The Woes of a Princess

It has been less than two weeks, but I feel like it’s been an eternity. When, oh when will they take this cone off my head? Oh. This Wednesday? Well – THAT’S STILL NOT SOON ENOUGH! They tried to tell me I looked like a Queen with this ‘Elizabethan’ collar, but if looking like a …

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Dec 02 2006

From the diva…

I must say, I’m feeling rather special right now. Of course, I am special. I admit that I was a little worried at first when I found out my new bump wasn’t as wonderful as the rest of me but I should have known that my sparkling personality would inspire generosity from all of my …

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Sep 16 2006

Audrey’s world

So, why haven’t I been posting lately? I think this sums it up…

Jul 26 2006

The Adventures of a Hissy Kitty

Hello, my lovelies! Oh, and you dogs too. :p It’s time for Adventures with Audrey! A couple of weeks ago the ‘beans put me on a leash and let me run around the back yard for about an hour or so. It was the longest I’ve been outside in 7 years! I used to be …

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Jun 16 2006

Hello my puddin’ friends! It has been a long time …

Hello my puddin’ friends! It has been a long time since you saw my be-a-utiful face here on this blog. Sorry that you’ve had to put up with ‘that dog’s’ ugly mug for so long. You should feel lucky – I have to look at it everyday and no matter how much I hiss, beg, …

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Feb 05 2006

I’m sleeping until 2010

Okay, I’m getting really sick of all this ‘year of the dog’ nonsense. It’s making ‘that dog’ intolerable – well, even more intolerable. She’s getting all hoity-toity because she thinks it’s her year or something. And to make matters worse, she just placed second in a year of the dog photo contest. I tell ya, …

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Jan 07 2006

Genius Kitties…but aren’t we all?

Yes, it is I, Audrey the Hissy Kitty. We will now presume or regularly scheduled blogging. The holidays has made mom sluggish and unwilling to help us post our thoughts. I’d do it myself, but I don’t have thumbs. Mr. David Letterman finally started talking about important things recently. And what’s the most important thing …

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