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Nov 14 2011

China is gone

China: 2000 (?) - November 13, 2011

I know we haven’t been keeping this blog up to date, but in case there’s anyone out there still following, I wanted to let you know that we had to let China go yesterday. She contracted Lyme disease about a month ago – the worst case the vet has ever seen – and over the …

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Sep 22 2011

Our Summer

China Lounging

My oh my oh my. We haven’t posted in a long time, have we? Not much to post really. Just lounging around, sleeping, eating, sniffing, exploring the field, chewing sticks, barking when the door’s opened. Huh. I’m actually a pretty busy pooch, aren’t I? And then there’s Zoe. She keeps busy, but I don’t think …

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Apr 15 2011

Spring’s Almost Here

Spring Breezes

Feb 15 2011

Happy…wait, I’m late, aren’t I?

Hip Deep

Hi! People tell me a new year has started but I don’t care. This is when I’m my least happiest. I mean, look at this: And it’s about twice as deep as that now and frozen over. The only place I really have to run is in the driveway and even that’s like a frozen …

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Oct 01 2010

Time for the scariness

Watching the Seasons Change

It’s October now and Mom says it’s time to start all the scariness. She and Daddy have even bought a huuuuge gourd! It’s in the kitchen right now, taunting me as I speak (dictate). I just know it’s going to start making faces at me soon. 🙁 It’s Fall now and all our trees have …

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Sep 01 2010

It’s September!

Things are looking up

It’s September 1st and Mom has made a resolution that she’s not sure she can keep. Even though we don’t blog as much as we used to, Mom wants to keep the Cabinet alive so every day she will help us at least post a picture. That’s worth at least 2000 words, right? (There will …

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Aug 25 2010

Hey, this is my blog, too!

Cutness...but also Evilness

So, I see that China blogged about what she did this summer but come on guys, who really cares what a dog does all day long? Now, a cat? Everyone wants to know! Of course, I am always cute, but this is me actually trying. I mean, look at that! This is how I keep …

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Aug 25 2010

What I did on my Summer Vacation

What do you want?

The warm times are almost over. The trees are dying their hair again (they started early this year!) and the air is getting cooler. It was a nice Summer except for those few weeks when it was really hot. Still, it’s better than the hot place. As usual, I lounged around inside on the couch, …

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Aug 18 2010

In honor of our crazy cat’s Gotcha Day…

Jul 21 2010

Heh, heh…did I say I was going to post more this year?

Well…oops. Yes, we have been silent for about two months now. For a dog that’s like…well, two months. Spring did end, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. The hot times are here again and boy, has it been really hot! One night last month it was so hot I was getting sick so Mom gave me …

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