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Nov 21 2007

It’s been a while since I …. hey, there’s turkey in there!

Hey everyone. It’ s me, China the Red Dog. I haven’t been blogging much lately. You can blame Mom for that. She’s been pretty busy the past couple of months. The vacation went pretty good. We went up to the camp again but this time I didn’t get so homesick and I ate my dinner …

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Oct 24 2007

Cat Seeking Advice

Hey. It’s me. Whazzup? So, can any of you cats help me out here? Apparently, I don’t behave very well. I try, but I’m not doing so good. I’m still pretty young so I want to play all the time. Sometimes, the humans will be petting me and all of a sudden – I’s just …

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Oct 22 2007

Update on the Red Dog

Hello! It’s me, China. The red pooch. You know, the one who hasn’t posted in over a month. No, Zoë hasn’t murdered us all in our sleep, but she has taken to trying to ambush me when I walk past her house. It’s really this play cube Daddy got her, but she likes to hide …

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Sep 23 2007

Warm Days are Almost Over

The days are shorter and getting pretty cool. I like that but it means that my field will soon be light grey (Mom says that’s brown) and dead. There’s still plenty of stuff to smell when it’s like that, but it’s oh so much more interesting when it’s that darker shade of grey (Mom says …

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Sep 03 2007


Most summers we all take a lot of day trips around the cold place to battle the cabin fever.  This past summer we haven’t gone much of anywhere. In fact, the only places I’ve been this summer are Grammy and Grampy’s, Aunty Wendy’s and a few car rides around town. Yesterday, we finally took a …

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Aug 26 2007

It’s been a week and a day

Zoe’s been here a whole week now. Mom and Dad say she’s fitting in faster than they expected and she’s already acting like she owns the place. And since she’s a cat…I guess she does. She knows her name now and is starting to come when she’s called every once in a while. She’s still …

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Aug 20 2007

Too Quiet

This kitty is too quiet. You always knew where Hissy Kitty was.  If she was in the room, she would either be trying to get in Mom and Dad’s lap, or she would sit on the floor and ‘talk’ to them. (I don’t think they knew what she was saying or they wouldn’t have kept …

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Aug 19 2007

Good News!

Zoe gave me head bumps today, and I wasn’t even annoying her. I think she likes me!

Aug 17 2007

Decisions, Decisions

Mom and Dad asked me an important question tonight and I’m still pondering. They asked me if I wanted to adopt a new kitty. They’re still missing HK something terrible but feel ready to give a new kitty a good home. I’m of mixed feelings. I loved HK, sure, but…will the new kitty be nice …

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