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Apr 24 2010

The song is catchy but LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT BATH!

Mar 07 2010

Sunday Funny Cats

Get Fuzzy March 7, 2010

It was a funny Sunday for us cats. Check it out (You can click the images to enlarge): Anyone know where I can get me some drumsticks? Hee hee hee.

Mar 05 2010


Sergeant Stubby

Hey, check out this nifty page! The Eight Most Heroic Dogs in History

Jul 04 2009

Today, I get to have a hot dog!

Happy Independence Day from all of us here at The China Cabinet. I like today. I get to have a hot dog!

Jun 13 2009

Moon Worship

My humans like watching movies – a lot. They say they don’t have this ‘cable’ thing so they watch their shiny flat things a lot. (I don’t know what they’re talking about – I see cables all over the place. I often want to chew on them but that gets me yelled at.) Anyways, sometimes …

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Jun 30 2008


Mom just showed me this awesome tail-er – uh – trailer for a movie that I want to see, but guess what? Dogs aren’t allowed in movie theaters! Not us normal, non-working dogs and even if I really tried, I don’t think I could pretend to be one of those seeing eye dogs. I get …

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Jun 29 2008

A new hero

I have a new hero. Mom’s been watching these tapes she has that she made a long time ago – before I was born even! They star this cool white Jack Russell Terrier named Wishbone and while he’s not as dashing as Thor or Duke, he makes up for it in spunk and imagination! And …

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Apr 06 2008

I soooo understand

see more loldogs ask – i can has hotdog?

Mar 30 2008

This is what my daddy does

My daddy is a writer. He has all sorts of stuff coming out this year and here’s an advanced review of one of them. I give it five woofs out of five.

Mar 27 2008

Bwa ha ha!

see more loldogs are funny dog pictures!

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