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Jun 05 2012

Recent Pictures

Nov 14 2011

China is gone

China: 2000 (?) - November 13, 2011

I know we haven’t been keeping this blog up to date, but in case there’s anyone out there still following, I wanted to let you know that we had to let China go yesterday. She contracted Lyme disease about a month ago – the worst case the vet has ever seen – and over the …

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Aug 18 2010

In honor of our crazy cat’s Gotcha Day…

Aug 18 2009

A Quick Word…

Although we’re still not back to blogging yet, Zoe wanted to thank those who have wished her a Happy Gotcha Day. Today marks her second year with us. She’s still a demon cat, but we love her.

Jun 10 2009

Dunno what’s going on

It’s been 3 months once again since anything was posted to this blog. It hasn’t been abandoned, just…put aside I guess. The past year has been rough here in China’s house and blogging has been put off and put off and then put off again. China and Zoe have plenty to talk about, I just …

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Mar 16 2008

Pardon our dust…

I’m looking for a better template for China and Zoe’s blog – I need a three-column template, that’s not stark white that I can put some pictures on (header, sidebar, etc.) I’m testing some out, so if you’re visiting and don’t recognize the place, it’s just going through a re-model. If you know of a …

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Feb 17 2008

They found her!

Bean has been found! There haven’t been any details yet, but she’s in her dad’s car right now. I can’t express how happy this makes us all feel. We’ve never met Bean or her family in person but this past week we’ve been on pins and needles, checking her blog every few hours hoping for …

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Feb 16 2008

Comments are fixed

You may (or may not) have noticed that comments weren’t visible – a line of gibberish appeared instead. I finally figured out to remove the coding related to Gravatars (I didn’t install the plug-in and I really didn’t want to) and that fixed the problem. So, you can now read the comments.

Jun 28 2007


We knew it was coming, we just had hoped it would take longer to get here. Two days ago we noticed that one of Audrey’s tumors had begun to get infected. Yesterday she stopped eating (a very bad sign – eating was one of Audrey’s passions) and last night she started to become physically ill. …

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