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Dec 01 2006


I just wanted to drop in while Mom’s home on her lunch break and thank everyone who’s donated this morning. It cheered all of us up a little knowing that there are people out there who are willing to help out a kitty they don’t even know – and one that’s hissy, even! Lots of …

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Nov 30 2006

What – you mean she’s not eternal?

Mom and Dad just came back from the vet with the Hissy Kitty. I was a bit upset that I didn’t get to go – I mean, other than Timmy, I don’t know any cat that likes to go for car rides. But, this wasn’t exactly a fun trip. HK has a lump on her …

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Sep 24 2006

Alert! Alert!

Any regular reader of my blog knows how I feel about gourds. And any dog knows that the best place in any house is the kitchen. So, what do you do when you walk into the kitchen, hoping for some cheesy goodness, and see THIS on the table?!!? I am NOT happy about this! Sure, …

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Sep 15 2006

Beautiful Blanky Bliss

For some strange reason (I think the word ‘stinky’ was bandied about) my old blankets got taken off the couch a while back. That was okay, the couch itself is fine, but I have missed having my own spot, you know? Well, I gots a whole new spot and man! Is it soft! It’s the …

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Jul 26 2006

The Adventures of a Hissy Kitty

Hello, my lovelies! Oh, and you dogs too. :p It’s time for Adventures with Audrey! A couple of weeks ago the ‘beans put me on a leash and let me run around the back yard for about an hour or so. It was the longest I’ve been outside in 7 years! I used to be …

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Jun 16 2006

Hello my puddin’ friends! It has been a long time …

Hello my puddin’ friends! It has been a long time since you saw my be-a-utiful face here on this blog. Sorry that you’ve had to put up with ‘that dog’s’ ugly mug for so long. You should feel lucky – I have to look at it everyday and no matter how much I hiss, beg, …

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Jun 11 2006

My Memorial Day Weekend…Yeah, I know, that was weeks ago, but still…

Howdy fellow animal bloggers (and any of you humans who happen to drop by now and then). I know, my posting has been terrible this year. Mom has been so busy (the garden is now planted, yay!) that she’s just now getting around to helping me blog about Memorial Day. We went up to Grammy …

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Apr 01 2006

So much for winter

Well, it looks like winter is over…but it wasn’t anything last last winter. Last time it was cold, we had lots of white stuff and I LOVED it! But this year, we hardly got any snow and never above my knees. “pout* But, I am glad that Spring is on the way. Daddy opened the …

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Mar 01 2006

For the birds…I mean, dogs

So, where have I been? Right here, asleep on the couch, or eating my food or slurping up some water. So, why haven’t I blogged? Ask Mom, she’s my typist. She’s been kind of lax, and after promising me she’d post MORE now that it’s the year of the dog. Hmph. But, here I am …

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Jan 13 2006

Always my blog…but I like ‘The Aud-Couple’

Howdy! It’s me, China. I just want to let you know (especially Cal) that this will always be my blog and it’ll always be called ‘The China Cabinet.’ Mom made up that name and she’s awful proud of it. That is…I don’t really have my own cabinet. It’d be nice ’cause I could store my …

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