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Dec 08 2012

A new brother?

The humans have been making rumblings lately. Normally, me and Ziggy just ignore them. What could humans possibly have to say that would interest us? As long as they feed us and pet us when we demand it we’re happy enough to let them live our lives. But I’ve been hearing the word ‘dog’ in …

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Sep 07 2010

Getting Ready for Fall

It has an aroma...

Aug 25 2010

Hey, this is my blog, too!

Cutness...but also Evilness

So, I see that China blogged about what she did this summer but come on guys, who really cares what a dog does all day long? Now, a cat? Everyone wants to know! Of course, I am always cute, but this is me actually trying. I mean, look at that! This is how I keep …

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Apr 07 2010

Springtime for the Cat

Zoe and Friend

Hey there – it’s me, Zoe. Not much time to talk, I’m busy sitting in windows and playing with my mousie on a string. Aaaah, the life of a cat….

Mar 07 2010

Sunday Funny Cats

Get Fuzzy March 7, 2010

It was a funny Sunday for us cats. Check it out (You can click the images to enlarge): Anyone know where I can get me some drumsticks? Hee hee hee.

Jun 13 2009

Moon Worship

My humans like watching movies – a lot. They say they don’t have this ‘cable’ thing so they watch their shiny flat things a lot. (I don’t know what they’re talking about – I see cables all over the place. I often want to chew on them but that gets me yelled at.) Anyways, sometimes …

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Jan 19 2009

Simply Divine

I’m not what you call ‘food motivated.’ Sure, I eat my kibble – I get hungry – but I prefer to chase things than to eat stuff. But I’ve found something that is so wonderful that I will even be nice to the lady if she gives me some – they call it….tuna. Exotic sounding, …

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Dec 25 2008

Merry Christmas and a Catnippy New Year!

Aug 01 2008

The cat is back

Bet you’ve been missing hearing from me, huh? If not, go away, I don’t need you anyways. That lady tells me I should be nice but forget it. I’m a cat. We don’t do nice unless it suits our own needs. So far, I get what I want even if I’m only a sweet little …

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Jul 07 2008

Unfairness abouds

So, get this. I just got yelled at. And what for? Eating flowers. The Lady just hasn’t figured out that that is what flowers are for. I’m supposed to eat them so’s I can throw ’em back up again. That’s the natural order of things. But noooo. I can’t get on the counter, which is …

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