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Sep 22 2011

Our Summer

China Lounging

My oh my oh my. We haven’t posted in a long time, have we? Not much to post really. Just lounging around, sleeping, eating, sniffing, exploring the field, chewing sticks, barking when the door’s opened. Huh. I’m actually a pretty busy pooch, aren’t I? And then there’s Zoe. She keeps busy, but I don’t think …

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May 19 2011

I’m back, baby!

China in the Green Grass

Some of you may have noticed that my blog ‘disappeared’ for a while. Actually, it broke and Mom finally just got it fixed. Yay for Dreamhost automatic updates! Spring finally showed up and I am one happy pooch. Now, if it would only stop raining.

Apr 15 2011

Spring’s Almost Here

Spring Breezes

Feb 15 2011

Happy…wait, I’m late, aren’t I?

Hip Deep

Hi! People tell me a new year has started but I don’t care. This is when I’m my least happiest. I mean, look at this: And it’s about twice as deep as that now and frozen over. The only place I really have to run is in the driveway and even that’s like a frozen …

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Oct 31 2010

Don’t like gourds

Mills Boneyard, 2010

It’s that day again – the day when all the big, round gourds make faces at me – and this year they’re extra spooky.

Oct 08 2010

Just Us

Fuzzy Dog

Oct 01 2010

Time for the scariness

Watching the Seasons Change

It’s October now and Mom says it’s time to start all the scariness. She and Daddy have even bought a huuuuge gourd! It’s in the kitchen right now, taunting me as I speak (dictate). I just know it’s going to start making faces at me soon. 🙁 It’s Fall now and all our trees have …

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Sep 13 2010

(No title)

Audrey and China

Mom’s been missing Hissy Kitty a lot lately so here’s one of the few pictures that has both of us. She normally didn’t like to be too close to me. And here’s Zoe with one of her mousy toys. She doesn’t like to share.

Sep 09 2010

Double Post

I'm only half listening

Oops, we missed a day already! Oh well, here’s a double dose of China and Zoe goodness.

Sep 03 2010

Blast from the Past

Zoe's First Picture

Today, we will be featuring pictures from the far past…or at least three years. First, we have the first picture Mom ever took of Zoe. I think it’s fitting that the picture is fuzzy and Zoe just isn’t cooperating. That should have been their first clue, don’t you think? For my historical portrait, I chose …

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