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Sep 13 2010

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Audrey and China

Mom’s been missing Hissy Kitty a lot lately so here’s one of the few pictures that has both of us. She normally didn’t like to be too close to me. And here’s Zoe with one of her mousy toys. She doesn’t like to share.

Sep 09 2010

Double Post

I'm only half listening

Oops, we missed a day already! Oh well, here’s a double dose of China and Zoe goodness.

Sep 07 2010

Getting Ready for Fall

It has an aroma...

Sep 03 2010

Blast from the Past

Zoe's First Picture

Today, we will be featuring pictures from the far past…or at least three years. First, we have the first picture Mom ever took of Zoe. I think it’s fitting that the picture is fuzzy and Zoe just isn’t cooperating. That should have been their first clue, don’t you think? For my historical portrait, I chose …

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Sep 02 2010

We aren’t robots, really!

Satan's Helpers

Sep 01 2010

It’s September!

Things are looking up

It’s September 1st and Mom has made a resolution that she’s not sure she can keep. Even though we don’t blog as much as we used to, Mom wants to keep the Cabinet alive so every day she will help us at least post a picture. That’s worth at least 2000 words, right? (There will …

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Aug 25 2010

Hey, this is my blog, too!

Cutness...but also Evilness

So, I see that China blogged about what she did this summer but come on guys, who really cares what a dog does all day long? Now, a cat? Everyone wants to know! Of course, I am always cute, but this is me actually trying. I mean, look at that! This is how I keep …

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Aug 25 2010

What I did on my Summer Vacation

What do you want?

The warm times are almost over. The trees are dying their hair again (they started early this year!) and the air is getting cooler. It was a nice Summer except for those few weeks when it was really hot. Still, it’s better than the hot place. As usual, I lounged around inside on the couch, …

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Aug 18 2010

In honor of our crazy cat’s Gotcha Day…

May 27 2010

Spring has finally stuck

China on the watchout for Hottentots

Spring just couldn’t make up its mind this year. It came early and then went away, came back, went away and then Summer made an appearance and now Spring is back again. If I didn’t have humans to explain it all to me, I’d be so confused. Mom’s been working even more in the garden …

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