Dec 08 2006

Can’t call her ‘Lumpy’ anymore…

Hissy Kitty is home! She doesn’t seem to be too happy, though. She went in Thursday morning and they decided to keep her overnight because the lump was even bigger than they had originally thought. They said that the size of the incision was as big as a spay incision. Daddy and Mommy missed her a lot but knew it was best for her to stay the night there in case something happened.

But, this morning she came home. Her belly’s all naked and it looks like Doctor Frankenstein sewed her up – there’s a weird straw thing sticking out – and she is not happy. She was all druggy when she first got home and she kept tripping over her E collar. If it weren’t so sad, it would be funny.

She’s getting better with it, though. Mom tried to let her go without it, but she started licking her stitches the second it was off, so back on it went. Poor HK. She has to wear it until the sutures are taken out and that’s not until the 20th! I’ll be glad when Christmas comes around this year for more reasons than just presents!

Sorry there are no pictures. Maybe tomorrow she’ll be in a better mood and will let us take a few pictures. But don’t count on it. The only thing she’s done since getting home is sleep.

More news later!


  1. TTQ

    Glad HK made it through!

  2. Anthony Schiavino

    Glad she’s allright now.

  3. Beau

    Glad thinks went well, but she’s reallly going to be hissy now!!!

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