Jan 27 2007

First post of 2007 – whoa, I’m a slacker

Hello everyone. Yes, I’ve been silent for a very long time and yes, I still haven’t posted pictures of HK’s pre-and post surgery belly. It’s been a very busy time for all of us here in my house.

Like I said in my last post, Daddy has kidney cancer. He’s going to the hospital this Tuesday to have it taken out. – I wonder if he’ll have to have his belly shaved too? I asked him to bring the kidney back to see if maybe I could fix it, but he said that was kind of gross and said that he wasn’t going to do that. Oh well, at least I offered.

While they’re away Aunty Wendy and her family are going to take care of me. That could be fun, but I am a little afraid of cousin Harley. Sometimes she’s a nice dog but sometimes she likes to bully me around and I don’t like that. Oh well, I’ll try my best to be a good doggy. I just hope the week goes fast so I can be with Mom and Daddy again.

Things are still crazy around here, but I do hope to do more posting this year. I saw that in 2005 I posted 55 times and in 2006 only 30. I promise to at least try to do better.

Woofs to all my buds!


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  1. bean

    Hi China!

    I hope your daddy doesn’t have to get his belly shaved, and that he feels better soon! And good luck with Harley. I’m a bully too, and we don’t really mean anthing by it, we’re just jerks sometimes. At least that’s what my mommy says.

    Glad to see you’ll be posting more this year. Me too! I’ve already posted like 4 times this month. Come check it out when you get home.

    Bean the Pit

  2. Sophia, The Diva Kitty

    Sending purrayers! We hope you feel better soon – please let us know how everyone is doing!

  3. DEBRA

    Sending headbumpies and purrayers!

    The kitties from ManxMnews.

  4. Anonymous

    Hi China, Audrey, and Humans,

    Just wanted you to know that people and critters are still stopping by your blog. We hope that all is well.

    MK and the TLO

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