Oct 27 2004

Happy Halloween!

I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween and Happy New Year!

What? Oh…well, so I’m a little early. Pfffft.


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  1. Cal the Wonderdog

    Hi China,
    Very nice weblog you have! I was a bit scared by the pumpkin in the Halloween picture, but I got over it.

    Sorry to see you had a rough start at the beginning of your life, but now it sounds like you have some good humans to hang around with.


    Cal the Wonderdog
    Frostbite Falls, Minnesota

  2. China

    Wow! I have a comment!

    I’m sorry that I didn’t see this earlier – my mom forgot to turn on the email notification thingy (I swear, a dog can’t find good help nowadays, can they?)

    Pumpkins are scary and I hope I never see one again this close.

    Thanks for stopping by, Cal!

  3. Cal the Wonderdog

    I meant to ask you before, if it’s not too personal, that is, how are your puppies now – did they make it to nice homes.

    Crossing my paws on that one,


  4. China

    Ah, my puppies.

    I was told that they all found nice, comfy homes. The shelter I was at was a no-kill shelter, so it was good we were brought to them.

    Thank you for asking, Cal. I wish I knew where they were today. My new mom would love to have seen them.


  5. China

    Oops! I signed my name as ‘Chris’ instead of ‘China.’ My typing isn’t always good and I was thinking of my Daddy when I typed that.

    They say I’m a silly girl. I guess they’re right.

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