Jun 21 2007

Look what I got!!!

Hello my fellow puddins! (And hello to you dogs too.) For the past week Mom has been hinting that I might be getting something special in the mail. I just ignored her because…well…that’s what we cats do. But I also ignored her because I’ve never gotten anything in the mail in my life. That’s a human thing to do.

I like the mail now! Look what DKM sent me – it’s pretty spiffy. Mom had to open it for me – I wasn’t going to strain myself – but I had her lay it on the couch so I could check it out.

I didn’t lose anytime making myself comfortable. Aaah, Kitty Heaven.

And hey, I was so happy I even allowed ‘that dog‘ to lay within 10 feet of me. That usually only happens when we’re competing for the heat vent in winter.

 Thank you, DKM! Sophie’s a lucky kitty!

 P.S. ….how did you ever guess my favorite color?


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  1. DK & The Fluffies

    Honey – I’m glad you like it!

  2. Daisy

    Audrey, you look so beautiful on the pink snuggle!

  3. DEBRA


    You look so purrty in pink! It definitely is YOUR color!


  4. Name: Mr. Hendrix

    wow! that looks fabulous under you Audrey. Pink is a great color on you!

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