Jul 31 2007

They’re comin’ to get me!

Hello my pet blog buddies! Summer is in full swing here in the ‘cold’ place. Hah! Cold place my patootie. This past week has been haaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwtttttttt! And sticky. Of course, I can’t sweat so I just take Mom and Dad’s word for it that’s it’s sticky.

The garden is doing good, though, and those gourds are already taunting me. Look how big they’re getting!

 There’s another gourd coming up too, that doesn’t look as scary. Mom calls it a Watermelon. I like water.

Here’s some pictures of Mom’s new pinwheels. She read somewhere that the vibrations might scare away the moles. As you can see, I snuck into the pictures. Hee Hee

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  1. The Furry Kids

    You look very cute in those pictures!


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