Nov 12 2004

Why Daddy is the Bestest Person in the World, and Why Mommy is the Most Annoyingest

So, my daddy likes to eat these nice, smelly treats. Sometimes, if I stare hard enough, he’ll give me what I want.

Woo hoo! It worked!

Boy, that was tasty

Geez, Mom, do you mind? I’m trying to get all the treat taste from Dad’s fingers.

I SAID, do you mind?

See? My dad’s the coolest, but Mom uses that annoying flashy thing way too much.

Until next time, let’s all send good thoughts to Daddy so that he’ll give me more treats.


  1. Cal the Wonderdog

    Those picture are awesome. I was laughing that dog laugh that cartoon dog from Wacky Races (what was his name) always laughed. I had to stop because I woke my human up and had to pretend I was just sniffing the computer and not writing a blog entry.

    The “I SAID, do you mind? picture is so great, thanks for teaching me that one, good to have a look like that in the repertoire.

    You know, my mommy is like that too – hardly any treats and always buying lots of plastic toys that I hardly play with. Smelly treats rule!!!

  2. Cal the Wonderdog

    Hi again, hope you don’t mind but I did a post pointing readers to your weblog. Some of the strange people who write in just have to see your pictures, especially my best friend Haley, who is a black lab and not such a good typist as we are.

  3. China

    Hi Cal! Of course I don’t mind you posting a link! The more the merrier.

    And I have a confession to make…Mom helps me with my typing.

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