Dec 01 2004

Will he find us?

I’m getting a little worried.

I finally get what’s going on around here – all the packing, all the boxes, Mom and Dad acting like lunatics. At first, I thought I had done something wrong and they were going to leave me all alone. But now I know that it wasn’t me and I get to go with them! Woo hoo!

(I bet it was something the cat did, although it looks like she’s coming along, too. But she has to stay in a cage, so it must’ve been something bad.)

But now I’m worried about something else: Will Rasta Man be able to find me after the move? He’s always found me before (and almost always sporting a new ‘do’ although lately he seems really fond of the dark grey and black look – see the picture below) but I’ve always lived here.

Rasta Man, if you’re out there, be sure to get our forwarding address from Mom and Dad! And come visit me soon!

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