Feb 12 2008

The New Place

Well, Mom finally got it all set up. She found a template she likes as far as organization. She still doesn’t like it’s blandness, though. So, she says she’ll be spiffing it up when she has a chance to create some custom graphics.

Me, I don’t care. I just needs me a place to post my thoughts…food, food, treats, my couch, evil kitty, food.

Right now I’m all worried about Bean, though. She STILL hasn’t come home. She’s been spotted a LOT but it seems she wants to keep adventuring. Go on home, Bean. We all miss your mug.

Welcome to the new place, everybody. Hopefully, this will be the last time Mom moves my Cabinet for a long, long time.

(But I can guarantee that she’ll change the template before it’s all over. *snort*)

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  1. Riley & Tiki

    Poor Bean. We hope she comes home soon too.

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