Feb 18 2008

My New Interest

782018_toilet_paper.jpgI have found meself a new hobby. There was this tube near the floor wrapped in this flimsy white stuff so I grabbed it – and I went to town!

I kicked it, put on the bite on it, scratched it, smacked it around – all that great cat stuff.

It was shortly taken away and thrown out.

…those humans have no appreciation for art.


  1. Fiona Bun

    Oh – those rolls are sooo tasty!

  2. Timothy Dickens

    Ain’t that the truth!! Hmph… Beans have no ‘preciation for the fine feline art. Momma found a wad of paper I had worked on for like a whole afternoon… she just grabbed it out from under the couch and threw it away! The NERVE!!!

  3. Beau

    I’m sorry they didn’t appreciate your art! They always take fun things away from us!!

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