Mar 08 2008

What does grass look like?

snow.JPGIt’s been a really long winter. The snow came months earlier than the past few cold spells and it’s still here! I mean, I like snow but sometimes you just want to be able to go into the back yard!

What’s even worse is that between the big snows, we’ve had rain and it’s all frozen underneath so Mom and Dad can’t really shovel me a good path to get around. Now it’s so deep, I have to go poddy in the front yard! Where everyone can see me!


And while I’m outside, all embarrassed, trying to find a private place to poop, the evil kitty’s inside, snoozing away on Mom’s blanket. Sometimes I wish I had a box I could do my stuff in. *pout*


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  1. grandmabecker

    We have to shovel a place for our doggie, Sissy to potty too.
    Here in Michigan, the snow is pretty deep, but hang in there, spring will soon be here.!

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