Mar 16 2008

I think the dust has settled

Mom says she thinks she’s found a good template for my blog – okay, okay, our blog.

It’s called Prosumer and it has a changeable header, it shows pages at the top and it labels who writes the posts. The last one didn’t and Daddy said he couldn’t tell who was writing! That’s not good. I don’t want anyone thinking those cat posts are written by me. Bleah.

Speaking of cats and Zoe, she’s decided that she’s gonna start making this place as much about her as it’s about me. The nerve! But Mom says that I has to share. Hmph. This place is named after me, why should I hafta share with that cat? Maybe if she’d stop puma pouncing me I’d feel more like sharing.

Whatsever. She wants to be a part of the Cat Blogosphere and that means she needs to make her presence known.  Again – bleah.

The ground is still all way white, but some of the snow has left. Why can’t it all leave at once? I heard some birds chirping yesterday so I’m hoping that means the warm times are a’comin’. I can’t wait to run in my back yard, sniffing the dirt, digging for moles, chewing sticks – all the fun warm time stuff.

Hopes you all likes the new look of the place – talk to you soon!

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