Mar 25 2008

Gloom and Doom

See this?

Bored Pooch

This is what I’m seeing all the time these days. That pooch and the ‘beans are so bummed. The Lady is all the time grumping about her silly plants and how she can’t plant them yet. I say, enjoy the time before we’re all way busy – am I right?

And for now, we can take it easy and dream about how it’s going to be when the sun is out and the ground doesn’t try to blind us all silly. I can sit in my favorite window and watch the world go by. The Lady says she got me a birdhouse that she’s going to set up so that I can see it out my window. That’ll be spiffy!

Zoe in the Window

And I’ll be able to rip through the house even more ’cause the pooch will be outside as much as she possibly can, soaking up the rays and then cooling off in the shade. I have a window in the back where I can secretly spy on her. She’s not too bashful about where she takes her baths. Me, I never bathe in front of the ‘Beans. It’s just not polite.

China - Summer 2007

And here’s a friend that The Lady is especially looking forward to seeing. She says without this and her smaller buddies, those plants she wants to play with wouldn’t make any fruits.

Ms. Bumble

I’ll take her word for it. I’m not getting my tail anywhere near that thing. ‘Sides, if I ate it, The Lady would yell at me. She says there’s a buzzy shortage and no one knows why they’re going away. Weird, ain’t it?

So, until I can actually sit in my open window, I’m just going to relax, rip through the house like crazy, sleep, eat, bathe (in private) and be patient until the warm times come again.

They always do.


  1. Sophia

    ooOOOOooo nice window seat!

  2. grandmabecker

    China, I have been reading your blog for a long time.
    We all are waiting for spring. Here in Michigan, it is snowing right this very minute. I can’t wait for the summer warmth!!!

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