Dec 18 2004

I can eat it, but what’s the point?

Well, we’re finally moved. I found out what snow is – it’s ice that falls from the sky. I can eat it, but it doesn’t taste like anything, so really, what’s the point?

I like playing in it. I don’t like it when water falls from the sky – it’s like taking a bath on your walk – but snow is fun! My favorite thing about it is sticking my nose underneath to smell out the critters that are living under there. Mom doesn’t like it when I do that, but it doesn’t really stop me.

GREAT NEWS! Rasta Man found me! He doesn’t like this weather – keeps saying it’s way too cold for a Rasta, but he’s staying just for me. He hadn’t changed his hair color, so I guess he likes the gray/dark gray look.

Mom has put up the Christmas tree but I’ve already got my present – a new house with two whole couches and a huuuuuuge back yard to play in. Santa was good to me this year.

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  1. Cal the Wonderdog

    Happy Christmas China, sounds like your new house is great. Two couches sound good but I like to nap on the floor ’cause it’s cold (and I like cold now that my adult coat is starting to grow in. There are critters under our tree too; and a train that moves as well.

    I think the point of snow is so dogs can run and jump in it. Humans don’t like it as much sometimes, especially if it gets on the sidewalks. Strange, isn’t it?

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