May 22 2008

Woof! I’m still barkin’!

Hello friends and cyber-neighbors! It’s me China, the long-silent red mutt. It’s been a busy Spring for Mom and of course my blog was low on her list of priorities. Hmph. Like making sure plants get into the ground before they die in their pots is more important than recording my thoughts on sniffing, chewing and eating.

At least I like to sniff the flowers and plants. Mom won’t let me get in the garden with them – I can’t even run though that big ol’l patch of dirt with those little weeds growing in them. What? Those aren’t weeds? Then what are they?

*Groan* More evil gourds – and four different kinds this time!!! The miniatures I can handle, but Pie, white ones and big, squashy Cinderella gourds? Nooooo!!!

Oh well. I have a few months to plot their demise – I mean, learn to live with them.

Zoe has been even badder than usual lately. If she wants attention and Mom and Dad are busy, she’ll start running around, scratching stuff up, going behind the TV (where Daddy’s paranoid she’ll pull wires out). She’s just a bad cat. I don’t think she was born brown – I think she got that way ‘cuz she’s so rotten.


  1. Kathryn and Ari

    Hi, China-
    And happy spring to you. We’re really happy to finally be gardening over here in Unity, too. And we empathize with the bad cat syndrome: Ari’s been policing our two cats extra heavily right now, too. Must be the pollen in the air or something!


    I like woofies!
    But I like kitties more.
    Even so, I am sending ((((HUGS))))
    to both of you.

  3. china [from great britain]

    Hi china,I’m a china too! my missus read your blog to me,I have a cat “friend” who causes me problems as well. I am a sliver standard poodle girl and my feline housemate is a patchy black and white shorthaired neutered boy called smokey.smokey hates me and has tried everything possible to have me removed from the house….luckily my missus and my young masters have realised who the culprit has been and I have been exonerated. My missus disobeyed the Boss and got me in september last year 2007 and that is why smokey ,I think, has thourght it would work if he kept getting me into trouble..ha ha he got caught red pawed err reliving himself on youngest masters bed, his paws didnt re enter the house for a long time that day! I love my Boss and he has learned to love me,but I wont obey him cos he still will not use my correct name. smokey and I have a grudging arrangement that missus has figured out, but we’ll never be best buddies. I keep offering to give him a proper wash but he always declines,missus says he is like a teenage boy, forgotten what the bathroom is for ! he is six and I am nearly one. I guess that like me one of the reasons you are named china is cos you are mommys precious.I am also named china cos Boss and Missus had been married 20 years which to the beans as your feline friend puts it means “china” and missus decided that she was going to have a fitting present bought for and by her! being silver I should have been for the 25th anniversary but she couldnt wait that long. I too love K-9, my whole family loves doctor who and missus favourite doctor was the first one to have K-9. we have a childrens tv series called the adventures of sarah jane where he pops up occasionally. I hope that we both will eventually get our feline housemates to love[too strong a word for it!] ok then, rub along nicely with us. Missus loves your face, she says you are really cute and remind her of a doggie friend who we are waiting to hear about because he had a cateract removed yesterday.He isnt a young dog and he really wants to be well to show off his new “bean” to his friends. Missus says she will leave a message for spikes grandma in a minute and that she will keep reading your blog to me.I am soooo glad I am not the only one with a feline problem,.I feel much better, and I just got my upmteenth night -night hug from youngest master! LOL china from Great Britain

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