Dec 29 2004

Anyone want to donate a sweater to a nice, red dog?

I need a sweater!

It’s freakin’ cold up here! I like the snow and all, but once I’m inside I want to be warm, warm, warm. Most of the time I can lie in front of the heat vent, but sometimes that hissy kitty sits right ON TOP of the heat vent and I can’t feel anything!

I love that kitty, but she can be such a mean thing sometimes. And after all those slurpy kisses I give her.

Here are some pictures of me playing in the snow. One with my coat and one without. I still think it’s fun to run it, but it can get pretty cold on the paws.

Maybe I should demand some socks, too…


  1. Cal the Wonderdog

    Sounds like Maine is my humans’ kind of weather. Can you believe it China – my family is on vacation over New Years. And where do we go? North. North from Frostbite Falls! Yes I’m here in a cabin about 100 miles from Nowhere (Nowhere was renamed by Garrison Keillor to “Lake Wobegon”.) So it is really cold here where I’m at too.

    The humans have all gone crazy – they’ve cut a hole in the ice and jump in and then run into the sauna. Yikes – crazy humans.

    We’ll see if I survive all this . . .


  2. China

    Your humans JUMP IN THE ICE?! Okay, your humans win. They’re crazier than mine.

    The most my humans do is put lines down the holes and pull fish out. (I wish I knew how they did that. Must be magic.)

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