Jul 06 2008

It’s an invasion!

Mom likes to feed the birdies (and Zoe Monster loves to watch them) so we have a couple of bird feeders around the house.

The problem with this is that birds aren’t the only ones who like the seeds. Personally, I don’t see what’s the big deal about seeds. I’ve tried them and they’re like popcorn without the pop. Bleah. But my new arch-nemisis loves them, loves them, loves them.

There used to just be one squirrel that hung around. Mom hates him because he’s taken to living in our back shed (which is attached to the kitchen) and totally wrecked it this past winter. She’s tried traps but he just pushes on them until they snap and then steals the goodies.

Now that it’s warm, he’s started stealing the birdies’ food and he’s invited friends! I’ve tried chasing them, sneaking up on them and a few times I’ve tried climbing the trees but I just can’t do it. Zoe isn’t allowed outside to help and one of these guys is almost as big as her!

It is now my life’s mission to rid my yard of these pests. Mom is trying to help but she’s even slower than me. She bought this stuff that smells like fox urine – and it does, I checked – that’s supposed to scare them away. Maybe it’ll work but I will continue to take Mad Eye Moody’s advice… ‘Constant Vigilance!’

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