Jul 07 2008

Unfairness abouds

So, get this. I just got yelled at.

And what for?

Eating flowers.

The Lady just hasn’t figured out that that is what flowers are for. I’m supposed to eat them so’s I can throw ’em back up again. That’s the natural order of things.

But noooo. I can’t get on the counter, which is where they are. I can’t eat the flowers because they’re not there for me, they’re there to ‘look pretty.’ Pfft on that! Why do they need anything to look pretty when they’ve got me around? Flowers are like pigs – they’re for eatin’.


  1. Timothy Dickens

    You EAT flowers!? I thought you were supposed to do stinkies in them?? This is good to know in case I see any come into the house…
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  2. Kathryn and Ari

    Hilarious! Ari’s cat housemates LOVE to destroy any flowers we bring into the house. Maybe you all could form a club–if you haven’t already.

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