Jul 29 2008

Summer’s going too fast

I can’t believe July’s almost over already! Only a few more months of warm and then the cold times come back. Even Mom thinks the summer is going too fast.

We’ve had some bad weather lately. A mini-twister blew by our house and half of one of the big Maples fell off! It landed on the roof but the other branches broke the fall and there was no damage. It was lots of fun watching Grampy and Uncle Dave crawl around the tree and cut it up. Mom didn’t think it was fun but she’s just glad they didn’t decide to cut down the whole tree.

Zoe has discovered Daddy’s chair and is trying to claim it as her own like Hissy Kitty used to do. So far, Daddy is standing his ground – well, sitting his ground, I guess.

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  1. Sophia

    Oh, we so agree with you China. It’s starting to get dark a little bit earlier every day and soon DKM will be going to work and coming home from work in the dark – that makes her cranky.

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