Aug 01 2008

The cat is back

Zoe in the WindowBet you’ve been missing hearing from me, huh? If not, go away, I don’t need you anyways.

That lady tells me I should be nice but forget it. I’m a cat. We don’t do nice unless it suits our own needs. So far, I get what I want even if I’m only a sweet little kitty for just a few minutes at a time. I think I’m pretty much set here.

I do miss the squirrels, though. They used to run along that Maple tree that the Lady was all upset about last week. Now that the big branch that went to the house is gone, I never see them running back and forth. Maybe it’s that fox I’ve been smelling. The Lady says there is no fox – that she’s faking it – but it smells like fox to me and the dog says the same thing.

China’s been all shivery the past few days. She’s afraid of that rumbling that sometimes happens when it rains. Me, I con’t care. It’s obviously afraid of me since all it does is yell at me from way up there. I tell China that but she just ignores me and keeps on shivering until all the yelling stops.

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