Aug 17 2008


Zoe in 2007

Tomorrow is Zoe’s ‘gotcha day’ which means she’s lived here for a whole year. I can’t believe I survived it! At least without a major maiming.


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  1. Sophia

    Happy Gotcha Day Zoe!

  2. KC

    Hi Zoe, nice to meet you’s. Happy Gotcha Day!
    Love an Purrs,

  3. Cheysuli

    Happy Gotcha Day Zoe!

  4. Moki

    Happy Gotcha Day Zoe! May there be many more wonderful Gotcha Days in your future!

  5. Zippy, Sadie & Speedy

    Happy Gotcha Day…and a squillion more.

  6. Kimo & Sabi

    Happy Gotcha Day Zoe!

  7. Karen Jo

    Happy Gotcha Day, Zoe! Have a great time.

  8. Princess AngelCake

    Happy Gotcha day!

  9. Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

    Happy Gotcha Day! Hope you have a purrfect day!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  10. Whicky Wuudler

    Happy Gotcha Day Zoe!

  11. Pixel and Samba

    Happy Gotcha Day

  12. Ariel

    Happy Gotcha Day Zoe your a very pretty cat 🙂

  13. Sweet Praline

    Congratulations on being with your mom for a year. May you have many more.

  14. Hendrix

    Happy Gotcha Day Zoe!! We’re glad no one was injured in the making of this Gotcha Day year.

    Enjoy your special day with extra treats!

  15. HotMBC

    Happy Gotcha Day Zoe! You are a beautiful lady and deserve a super gotcha day 🙂
    the Hotties

  16. Alexi

    Happy Gotcha Day, Zoe, and many more!

  17. Zoe

    Wow! Look how popular I am! I told that dog this blog should be renamed for me.

    Thank you all for all the well wishes! I plan to spend my day sleeping, eating and playing with squiggles – you know, like every other day.

    It’s good to be da Cat.


  18. Jan's Funny Farm

    Happy Gotcha Day, Zoe.

    And nice to meet you.

  19. Mickey

    Happy Gotcha Day Zoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope you have tons more!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  20. Pearl, Bert and Jake

    Happy Gotcha Day Zoe!

  21. Samantha & Mr. Tigger

    Happy Gotcha Day Zoe!! Hope your day was fun and filled with treats!
    Your FL Furiends,

  22. The Cat Street Boyz

    Happy Gotcha Day Zoe! Guess it is a very special day to celebrate one’s gotcha day……….Oh Mom!!!!!=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  23. tesla


    happy gotcha day!

  24. The Zoo

    Happy Happy Gotcha Day Zoe.

  25. Sabrina, Sam and Simon

    Happy Gotcha Day beautiful Zoey! It is always such a great occasion to celebrate, being in our forever homes!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  26. Tara

    Happy Gotcha Day Zoe!

  27. Kathryn and Ari

    Happy Gotcha Day! We agree with Sabrina et al: that’s the best kind of day to celebrate!

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