Oct 13 2008

Late Summer and Fall

Sorry for my long silence. Mom has been really tired lately. Her vacation is in three weeks and she’s already counting the days.

Summer was nice this year, like I wrote earlier, but seemed way too short. It’s all colorful and the leaves are falling – I love running through all the leaves – but that means the cold times are coming. I like white stuff but it seems like just a few months ago we had snow way over my head and I couldn’t even get to my back yard!

Oh well. At least I had fun this summer and fall. We went camping again, but this time we only stayed one night because some hurricane that came all the way up here made it all rainy. Bleah. I got a nice walk out of it though.

Oh, Mom says to click the pictures to see them bigger.

We went back to Cobscook Bay State Park again, but stayed in a different camp site. This one wasn’t on the water – Mom made some mistakes with the reservations – but it was nice and big.

And wiley trees. I mean, look at what they made me do!

Mom and Daddy enjoyed it, but they had to leave over a day earlier than they wanted to because of the rain. Meanwhile, the evil one…um…Zoe, stayed home and did this all weekend.

Last week, another sure sign of the cold times coming happened. The big, hungry monsters came and ate up my field!

They’re just like me, though. Once they ate all that grass, they had to spit it all back up again.

Because all those trees are dying their hair and losing it, Mom had to go way up high to see the trees. Here’s me on the drive there. Mom says I’m getting fat, but I think I’m lookin’ gooood! In fact, I think I could still gain a few pounds. Anyone want to donate some treats to finish out mah belly?

We went to Camden State Park – we’ve been there before – but this time there were lots of people peeping at leaves. I just don’t get it. Why look up when you can sniff all the good stuff on the ground? I didn’t get to meet this doggie, but he seemed to like looking at the trees as much as his two friends.

And now, it’s halfway through October. It’s still nice to go out but I know that soon I’ll be wearing my new sweater (I better be getting one – my last one fell apart 🙁 ) and curling up into a tight ball. Oh well, there’s good stuff about the winter, too.

For one, the evil thing…um…Zoe, stays upstairs under the blankets all the time. Hee!

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