Jan 10 2005

Some kids are A-Okay…

Before moving to the cold place, I wasn’t around kids very much. To be honest, this was fine with me. I’ve always been a little scared of kids. I’m never mean to them but when they would pet me I was always scared they would hurt me.

Since moving here, I’ve been around these three kids that are lots of fun and never make me scared. Two of them and their pack leader came by today and we had lots of fun. They kept throwing me these white balls that I couldn’t find but I had lots of fun chasing them. I finally just started making my own by pushing the snow with my nose. Mom and Dad said that means I’m a smart girl.

Mom was caught without her camera, but I wanted to post a picture that Mom says is now her favorite of me and another of the hissy kitty that I talk about all the time. Click the pictures for a bigger view.

Title: Lonely Dog

Title: Let Sleeping Hissy Kitties Lie


  1. Cal the Wonderdog

    Way cool China – you look so poetic standing against that great white north landscape. Umm about those white balls, even if you do find them, they break apart right away in your mouth . . .


  2. Sam the beautiful all-black German Shepherd Dog!

    Hey China,

    Great photo of you but what’s that cat doing in YOUR blog? I’ve got a few cat pictures in my blog too and I don’t like it one bit. “Just say no to cats!”.


  3. China

    Aw, come on Sammy, you know you love at least ONE kitty. I love my hissy kitty, I just wish she would love me. *whimper*


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