Jan 12 2005

A few minor changes…

I and Mom have made a few changes to the blog. (Mom has to help because I don’t know how to alter ten plates and fun colors…what? Oh, templates and font colors).

I’ve added one of those Googly bars. I picked the light grey color. Mom says it’s mint, but it looks light grey to me, which is my favorite color.

My blog is actually just part of a bigger website all about me. I never really had a link on the blog to my site except for the blog title, and I don’t think many people realized it was a link. Be sure to click the new link and check out my site because it has some neat info about me and a few more pictures. Mom promises to add a lot more in the upcoming days.

-Woof! (China)

P.S. It snowed even more here today, but now it’s sleeting which I really don’t like. I mean, come on, what’s with the sky throwing ice at me? Grrrrr

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