Nov 24 2008

Am I blue?

Well, Mom and Dad are back and I’m glad but I have to admit that I’m a little depressed.

You see, while they were gone I got to stay with my Auntie Wendy and Uncle Dave and all my human cousins and my canine cousin Harley. Auntie Wendy is one of my favorite humans and me and Harley were like sisters for two weeks. Now, I haven’t seen her since Mom and Dad got back and I’m missing her lots.

It’s too bad the humans have those ‘job’ things. If it weren’t for that I could visit all the time but I can’t. I have to wait until it’s convenient for them. I do get to visit during Thanksgiving, though. I get to see everyone and free turkey – SCORE!

Mom and Dad have started thinking about getting me a buddy – a doggy buddy. (I don’t think I could handle another demon – um, Zoe). They have to wait until they have the money for the vet and adoption fees and all that stuff. I think that might be a good idea – I have been awful lonely lately.

So keep your paws crossed that they can find me a good brother or sister!

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  1. Kathryn and Ari

    Hi, China-
    Tell dad to stop being such a Scrooge!!

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