Jan 18 2005

Top Ten Perks of Being the New White House Dog

From David Letterman…

10. You’re one of the few dogs that is smarter than his master.

9. Heart worm? I think Cheney’s got a pill for that.

8. If you eat the President’s briefing papers, it’s not like he’ll notice.

7. “Miss Beazley” isn’t half as ridiculous as “Condoleezza”

6. K-9 color blindness means you don’t have to worry about that terror chart crap.

5. Can not be put in a kennel without approval of both the House and Senate.

4. Rumsfeld smells like bacon.

3. Get the same high-quality leashes that are used on Abu Ghraib prisoners.

2. At the rate Bush’s Cabinet members are leaving, will be a senior adviser in no time.

1. An owner who sleeps as much as you do!

-*snicker* (China)

1 comment

  1. Cal the Wonderdog

    Miss Beazley would be great as a replacement for Rumsfield. And as a perk, she would get to eat all that bacon too!

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