Jan 19 2005


So, Daddy brought this big contraption home from Grammy and Grampy’s the other day. He calls it a deehighdrate-er. I don’t know that that means, but I do know that last night he filled that thing with MEAT! Lots and lots of meat that he soaked in this smelly water that was dark grey.

I stayed right next to him, to make sure he didn’t drop anything – I’m always on clean-up duty – but alas, he didn’t drop a single bit.

Now, all that meat is sitting in the deehighdrate-er and I can’t get to any of it. It smells soooo good. I hope I get some when they take the meat out!

Mom wasn’t too happy with me today. She didn’t yell at me or anything, but I could tell I scared her. We were outside for our morning walk and we heard a car door slam. Living pretty far away from anyone, when we hear that, we know someone’s come to visit.

I ran to the front of the house, hoping it was my Aunty Wendy, but it was a stranger! I barked and barked and ran up to him to let him know he wasn’t to move. He was nice though and gave Mom some white things that she had to sign for. He even complimented me on my jacket and gave me a pat.

It scared Mom because she told me to stop and to come to her, but I didn’t stop. I ran right up to the man and she told me that if he hadn’t been nice, or if I had really scared him, he could have hurt me and no one would blame him for it.

Some people don’t like doggies running up to them like that because they don’t know if the doggy is mean or nice. She told me that this happened once with a police man and he shot the doggy, even though the doggy was just playing.

So, it’s back to training and I’ll have to learn to come to Mom when she calls NO MATTER WHAT. She says we were lucky this time but I can tell that it really scared her.

-Woof! (China)


  1. Cal the Wonderdog

    mmmmmm meat. But why dry it – I don’t get it. The stinkier it is the better, I say. As long as it’s not squirrel – that stuff definitely does not agree with me.

    Yeah, it’s not good to run up to humans when they come to the door. I still need to practice that one. And now that I’m getting really big (over 70 pounds and still growing)some people don’t like it when I run toward them to say hi.

    That’s scary that a policeman shot a dog, but I met a mean dog once that was horrible and I would understand in that case.

    Try to get your humans to let you taste the dried meat, it’s really good. My sidekick has a friend who is a hunter and brings over venison jerky that is great. The alpha female in my pack is disgusted by it though. (no accounting for taste)


  2. Pimm

    CHINA! I can’t believe you have access to meat! I love my female valet, but she’s a vegetarian. Isn’t that bizarre? The male doesn’t eat much meat (at least he pretends not to when the female is around) so sometimes this is really a drag. Vegetarianism should be illegal.

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