Jan 21 2005

Playing in the Snow

Mom and Dad took me out just to play ball today. I had a hard time seeing it, though, because it was a really light grey and was hard to see. I’ve lost my dark grey ball so this was all I had right now.

Here I am, searching for the ball that Dad just threw:

I know it’s here somewhere:

Maybe it’s over there:

If I close my eyes and concentrate, maybe I’ll find it: Ohm, Ohm

Ah ha! I found it!

No one can stop me now! I am QUEEN of the light grey balls!

Oops, I dropped it


  1. Cal the Wonderdog

    My friend Dudley (big old lab) was having that problem yesterday with the white frisbee. I really could care less about retrieving things, I guess I just don’t see the point of doing it more than once. But I love to herd dogs that like to retrieve. So that’s what I was doing with Dudley (when he could find the frisbee in the snow that is.)

    Awesome pictures – looks like a winter wonderland!


  2. Sam the beautiful all-black German Shepherd Dog!

    Wow China. Snow. I’ve never seen snow or been in snow. It looks like fun. You are a lucky dog!


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