Jan 19 2009

Simply Divine

tunaI’m not what you call ‘food motivated.’ Sure, I eat my kibble – I get hungry – but I prefer to chase things than to eat stuff.

But I’ve found something that is so wonderful that I will even be nice to the lady if she gives me some – they call it….tuna.

Exotic sounding, ain’t it? I had my first tuna a couple of weeks ago. The lady was having some for lunch and she set the can on the floor to let me check it out. I normally don’t care for whatever she puts on the floor for me but the smell was so enchanting that I just had to try it.

Heaven – that’s the only word I can find to describe it. Now, when she makes tuna I can’t help but walk around her feet and even meow (which I rarely ever do) to make sure that I get some. So far, she’s always given me a smorsel.

Which is surprising, really, since I tried to steal some out of her bowl when she wasn’t looking one time. Heh heh. It’s good to be da cat.

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  1. Kathryn and Ari

    Zoe, what does China think of this newfound delicacy? We make biscuits with tuna in them for Ari: I think she’d do just about ANYTHING for one of those.

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