Apr 12 2009

We is a alive

I can’t believe it’s been over 3 months since Mom last helped us post…and it was about tuna, even! Ugh! Mom thought Easter was a good time to get back into the swing of things, since it’s a symbol of rebirth and starting over. So, here we are!

The snow is FINALLY gone! Was it just me or was that the longest cold time ever in the history of dogdom? No? Well, it sure felt like it. But now, it’s gone and those silly leaves are starting to pop up in the yard and Mom’s all happy and talking about bulbs and splitting tubers (ouch!) and trimming rose bush branches (which is fine with me – they bite my nose!).

I’m just glad that I can lay in my field and chew on stuff again. I mean, look at this – isn’t this just the true definition of bliss?:

China in her beloved field

China in her beloved field

Zoe is doing good. She’s loving the sun and the open windows. She tried to get out once, but she only got her body halfway out before deciding it was a bad idea. She came back inside real fast. I don’t think she’s cut out for outdoor life, which is just fine with Mom and Daddy.

Oh, she says she’d pop in and say hello but she says people are always calling her ‘chocolate cat’ and she’s heard about all the awful things that happen to chocolate bunnies on Easter. She’s hiding under the blankets until today is over. Yay Easter!


  1. g

    Good to see you back!!! Happy Easter!!

  2. robert milholland

    god, i’ve been worried about you. i love u and miss you. i wrote u a letter (may be an old address). i’m still here. in between jobs (no surprise there). i’m in little rock (carless and jobless, yikes!). write me. or maybe i should just keep rambling (insert buffy quote from reptile boy). i keep thinking about seminary even though going to church is an issue, since i don’t. but myron, my middle brother who is a small town preacher, is coming to take me to church tomorrow. this will be the first time i’ve heard him preach (he told me not to expect too much). but i’m looking forward to it. i’m at my neighbor’s computer and probably shouldn’t stay too long (a crying infant and a precocious 3 yr old may cut this short). love you!

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