Jan 23 2005

What a jip!

Did I spell that right? Jip? Gip?

Anyway, that big ‘Nor’easter’ storm blew through here today. And blew is right. We didn’t get hardly any of the snow that was promised. We were supposed to get 4 – 6 inches. We didn’t even get a half inch. All we got was the wind and that wind is terrible! I usually like to stay outside for a bit when I go out, but today I just ran out, peed and ran back inside.

Mom’s plum bummed about it too. She loves snow and although we still have snow on the ground, it’s not the 4 – 6 extra inches that she was expecting.

Oh well, we really shouldn’t complain. We’ve had lots of snow since moving here. Mom just won’t be happy until it’s two feet over her head. Dad thinks she’s crazy. I don’t, as long as she digs me tunnels I’m all set!

-Woof! (China)

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  1. Cal the Wonderdog

    My humans say that the worst thing that can happen is winter without snow. So far we’ve only had a 3 or 4 good ones.

    I’m with you on the wind thing – the worst is when its blowing so hard and you have to poop and the wind blows you and knocks you off balance. Luckily that’s only happened once to me.

    And the only entry for that word I found was Gyp. Short for Gypsy (sort of a derogitory term it seems)

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