Aug 24 2009

Let’s Play Catch! (up)

So, it’s been a long time since we’ve blogged regularly. Mom and Daddy haven’t been all that cheerful for a while now. Work and real life bring them down way too much sometimes. I keep telling them that they should just get jobs as dogs buy they say they’re not qualified. I admit that it’s certainly not something just anyone can do, but I’m happy!

Summer was icky this year. It’s still going on but next week we’re getting down in the nippy temperatures again so I think it might be over pretty soon. Daddy can’t wait. He’s decided that he doesn’t like Summer at all. Mom still likes it, but admits that this year’s hot time was pretty lousy. It took too long to get warm and then when it finally did it got way too hot and really sticky. Seems like we haven’t had much of a break from rain. Mom’s only had to drag out her garden hose twice this summer.

Good news for me, though! Only two evil gourds this year – and they’re the pie kind which aren’t so bad. They never make nasty faces at me and of course – PIE. Mom grew some wee little ones but they’re so cute I can’t be scared of them. (That would be embarassing). Some nasty buggies ate a lot of Mom’s tomatoes but she squished those worms and she still has plenty of tomatoes. You shoulda seem ’em (the worms) – they were big and grey (she says they were green) and went SPLAT! She used to just throw them in the field but they kept coming back.

Mom shows no mercy when it comes to tomatoes.

Zoe is fine – and still here. Mom and Daddy have been considering a second kitty. I have remained quiet on the subject. It would be nice to have a friend, but I’m just scared Zoe will teach it all her bad habits, including pouncing on my butt. Zoe doesn’t really do that anymore, but she still sometimes chases me.

Well, that’s all for my late summer report. Mom says she’s going to try hard to resume this blog and Zoe and I will try to keep her at the keyboard. To leave you with a smile on your face, here’s a picture of me enjoying one of the few nice days we did have this Summer.

Cute Dog in the Grass

Cute Dog in the Grass


  1. g

    I was glad to see that you posted!! this year has been bad all the way around for alot of us. Work and garden wise.
    Enjoy your family and hoping things will get better!

  2. Timothy

    Hey! Stop by and check out my latest post! Methinks your Mom and Dad might like it!

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