Dec 03 2009


Feed me!Hello, everyone! Can you believe it? I’m posting! I know, I know – it just isn’t done anymore, but I’m determined that my blog will not become a tumbleweed that clogs those tube things.

So, summer is over. Heck, Fall is over! The cold times are coming and we’re all getting ready for it. It hasn’t been as cold this year but I know that won’t last. When Mom starts bringing the trees inside and making them all fancy, I know it’s about to get really cold cold cold.

Also, we see so much less of Zoe when it gets cooler. She likes to spend her time upstairs under the covers in the big bed. That’s not really fair. I can’t go up there and do that.

Well, okay, I COULD, but that would mean climbing stairs and I HATE climbing stairs. Two or three are fine, but more than that and I start getting nervous. I could slip and fall and going down – that’s the worst! I’m always afraid my back end is going to flip right over my front end and that would just be so embarrassing!

Last week was Thanksgiving and I had myself a great time! I got to go to Aunty Wendy’s and play with all my human and canine cousins. They all love me so much! I even got to chew on a bone and got my very own rawhide. I buried it up there under their porch so I’ll always have something when I visit.

I got LOTS of turkey this year. Mom and Daddy made their own on Saturday and they shared. I got turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and even some gravy! I can hardly wait for next year.

I hope all my internet buddies are doing okay. Maybe I can keep myself blogging. You never know. But sometimes, the urge to nap is just so much more powerful than the need to blog.

Hey, hear that? The couch is calling me. Happy napping!


  1. brandi

    Ooh, we are happy to hear from you!

  2. grandmabecker

    Hey China, It is good to see you again. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving.
    Hope you and your family has a great holiday season!!

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