Feb 04 2005

The Camp Road Hike

For the past two days Mom and Dad have taken me on a long walk on what they call the ‘camp road.’ It’s a road that goes through the woods behind our house. There are some houses back there, but way back in olden times there used to only be camps back there. So, it’s still called the Camp Road.

Anyway, it was just me and my personal photographer today, so on with the pictures!

This is the ‘camp road’ behind our house. This is me, sniffing for deer.

It’s kind of hard to tell, but that white stuff is the stream. It’s all frozen over and covered with snow. Mom and I tried to get down to it, but there was no easy way down.

Here I am, exploring the woods and this big fallen stick. There’s no way I could chew on that!

That’s me, way out in front. I love my humans but with only two legs, they can move awfully slow.

Those are bunny tracks next to Mom’s footprint. I didn’t see the bunny, which is good…for the bunny.

This is the trail that leads back to our house. Lots of snowmobiles use this trail. I always want to chase them, but Mom says no.

Some of the snow is still pretty deep behind our house. Mom thinks it’s funny when I have to ‘swim’ through the snow.

Look at me! I could be a pointer.


  1. Cal the Wonderdog

    Wow, such great pictures. We have a place we love to go just like that. Oooh deer! I’ve only seen one in the distance but know their scent anywhere.

    I’d love to go tramping around on the Camp Road – looks like my kind of place.

  2. Splash

    Someday I hope we can live where there is snow. I’ve never seen it. Although one day when we were traveling through Kansas it was mighty cold.

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