Apr 05 2005

Can’t Get Enough China?

Mom’s updated my site tonight with more pictures of Yours Truly! (But don’t worry, I didn’t take them. After my last attempt (see my last entry) I think I’ve given up on taking my own portraits.)


  1. Cal the Wonderdog

    We LOVE your picture gallery China. My human says you should put that link at the top of your page cause its so great. My humans take lots of picture of me too. The human boy in my pack was complaining that they took more pictures of me now than of him! Imagine an 8-year-old boy saying that! Most don’t want their pictures taken at all . . .

  2. Timmy

    Those pictures are great China! I like them lots. One of my favorite ones is from a while back when you were running like a crazy doggie in the snow! I like how your tail is always straight as an arrow!

  3. Cal the Wonderdog

    Oh and something else, after I made my mistake, I mean art photo today and posted it, I realized you don’t have an upside down photo in your collection!

    China, I bet you would look awesome upside down!


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