Apr 10 2005


I was a bored puppy. I mean, look at me. I was trying to take my picture upside down, but only had the gumption to go sideways (sorry Cal! Maybe next time.) To help relieve the boredom, Dad said it was time to get out of the house. He mentioned something about ‘cabin fever’ but other than being bored, I felt okay.

I’m glad I didn’t argue (and hey, who am I to refuse a car ride!) because THIS is where we went? I mean, just look at this place. Do you know how many SMELLS there were? More than 10, that’s for sure!

So, once they hooked me up to the dreaded line thingy (I thought those days were over! hmph!) I got to look and, more important, sniff around.

Mom said that the place we went was called a ‘lighthouse’ – the Pemaquid Point lighthouse. I dunno…I didn’t see a light, and it certainly looked heavy, but hey! There was a bell out front. I never did hear it ring.

Here’s me, resting from our first little walk. Mom and dad gave me a few dog biscuits to keep my strength up. I got a couple of pretzels too. Yummy! They were as salty as that sea water, which wasn’t very yummy at all.

There was another bell on this building on the other side of the lighthouse, so Mom had to take a picture. She has this thing with bells. She wants to see that cracked one someday, but I dunno why. I mean, hello, it’s broken!

I got to sniff around some more. Behind me, you can see some seagulls. (If it were a bay, they’d be ba-gulls, har-dee-har!) I think they were makin’ fun of me. You can see ’em back there, talkin’ to each other. They’re lucky I’m not used to rocky terrain or I’d show them who’s boss.

Okay, troops. This pooch is getting tired and those seagulls are getting snotty. Let’s hit the road!

Before heading home, Mom and Dad decided to stop by this ‘fort’ place. Here’s the tower and a really big tree next to it. So of course, I had to go sniff it.

Here’s a close-up of the fort. We couldn’t go in, but that’s okay. I prefer to stay outside and sniff it.

And so, after our afternoon adventure, we went home. Here’s me with Daddy, walking around a big house next to that fort thingy. We went back to the car and drove home. After that, Grampy came by for a visit, and now, I’m on my couch, dictating this blog entry to you. Mom and Dad say we’ll be taking more of these outings from now on, to avoid the ‘cabin fever.’ I dunno, I’m glad we went, but I swear, I felt just fine! My nose was cold and ever’thing!


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  1. Cal the Wonderdog

    There is so much to learn about human history where you live! but I’m confused why that light house looks so heavy too. We have a Fort here from the 1800’s that I’ve sniffed around once, a couple of interesting smells, but nothing too out of the ordinary.

    My humans think yours really take great pictures, that’s for sure. I enjoyed looking at where you went too, sure looks like interesting places and the ocean looks fun – I’ve never been cause I had to go to the Collie Ranch when my humans went vacationing by the ocean.

    By the way, I like your first picture – almost upside down anyway. I wasn’t really upside down when mine was taken either 🙂


  2. Timmy

    Wow China! What beautiful pictures your Mommy took! I sure wish that Maine was closer to New Jersey. That way, I could go visit those lighthouses and shmaybe you and that poodie that lives with you! My Mommy says that she’s been to that lighthouse and liked it very much. She says there’s somethin’ about them that’s very…majestic! But I agree with Cal, that lighthouse doesn’t look light at all!

  3. Bear

    Looks ok – how was the chinese food?

  4. Charlie

    What a neat trip – it looks like you had a lot of fun! I can’t even imagine how awesome the sniffing must be there.

  5. Haley the Fabulous Ball-loving Black Lab

    Wow! The OOOOOOOOcean…ooooooooh, how neat is that? So neat! You must be very agile to maneuver along those layers of rock! My sidekick use to take me to the Ocean when we lived in Virginia, and boy oh boy, did I L.O.V.E it! A salty, wavy wonderland! Good times. Good times.

    You’re very photogenic by the way. Take more pictures!! We want more! We want more!


  6. Freda

    Great travelogue! You could host your own PBS show. Move over Mr. Steves!

    I visited the ocean once but it freaked me out. And on the beach, a tiny dog attacked me and gave me my only scar! Next time I go to the beach I’m lookin’ out for that little dog!


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