Apr 20 2005

Help! Spring doesn’t know the ’stay’ command!

The white stuff is finally gone, and for the past few days, it’s been soooooooooooooo nice outside. Daddy takes me out all the time and we play ‘keep the stick’ or ‘chase the stick’ or ‘chew the stick’…well, okay, I’m the only one who plays ‘chew the stick.’

But right now, it’s raining, and Mom says that tomorrow, it’s gonna be cold again! No more white stuff, but I’ve been lovin’ this nice, warm weather. Rain just makes it hard to play. It’s all wet and stuff.

Man, I’m gonna be one pouty bitch for the next week.

-Woof! (China)

P.S. Sammy, if you’re reading this, give us an update, ‘kay? I worry when you don’t post for so long. 🙂


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  1. Cal the Wonderdog

    It finally dried out here in Frostbite Falls – I was about to ask my humans to change the name or this place to “Rain Falls” last week.

    Hope it dries out soon! BTW I like to play grab the stick and chew it too.

  2. Splash

    Rain is nice, at least for Labs. But, I think we’ve seen the last of our rain until autumn. Good thing I’ve got a pool!

  3. Heidi

    Ve are getting snow! I am so tired of dis vhite stuff. Oh vell.

  4. Haley the Fabulous Ball-loving Black Lab

    Warm, sun, rain and then, last night….”brrrrrrrrrr” (at least that is the noise that kept coming from my sidekick’s oraface…..”

    It took her FOREVER to get extra clothes on, just to take me on a walk!!!! Wrappin’ that thing a million times around her neck, zippers zipping, going through all of drawers trying to find those things she puts on her paws…..and I’m like, COME ON!!!!!!

    But today, it is fair and sunny and absolutely, no doubt in my mind, perfect ball weather!

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