May 30 2004

Grammy & Grampy Visited!

What a nice weekend! Mom and Dad are going to be here for three whole days! I hate it when they leave for work, and from what they tell me, so do they. They must love me a lot, huh?

Last weekend, Grammy and Grampy came to visit. They had a nice, moving couch that they called an ‘RV.’ Why don’t they just call it a moving couch? That’s what it is, isn’t it?

I never got to go for a ride inside, but I got to sinff around which is almost as good.

We went to a park and walked around. I sniffed a lot of stuff – that’s my thing. I got my second look at this ‘ocean’ thing. I didn’t let it scare me as bad as last time – no one has tried to make me take a bath in it – but I still don’t trust anything with that much water in it.

I had a productive week. I finally got all that sutffing out of Stinky, my stuffed squeaky toy. Mom wasn’t too happy with me. I guess I’ll have to do it even faster next time.

-Woof! (China)

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