Aug 24 2005

Just because…

I haven’t posted in a while, so I thought I’d post some pretty pictures of my poochy mug.


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  1. Anonymous

    You’ve got a very cute mug, China. It’s nice to see snow pictures…it’s been really hot here so I’m actually looking forward to winter.

    Miss Kitty

  2. L^2

    Hi China,
    You look very comfy on that couch. You’re lucky–we aren’t allowed on the furniture. But sometimes we try to be sneaky and take a nap on Mom’s bed. 🙂

    –Willow & Stella

  3. Cal the Wonderdog

    Such a great looking mug it is! And oh the snow, won’t be long now, I can feel the cool air already here in Frostbite Falls.


  4. Freda

    You’re lucky you get to lie on the couch. That’s a no no for me. I can’t even sneak on when THEY are gone. I am shedding sooo much now I would be caught. And I’m no going to brush it off!

    Why don’t you put your mug on a mug and make mugillions.

    I loved walking in the snow when I lived in Colorado. Your picture brings back great rememberies.



  5. Wiley the 30 year old Dachshund

    You look comfy, but it sure looks cold where you are!

    Much barking love,

    Wiley Dog

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