Sep 08 2005

Audrey’s first post

Hello all my adoring fans. If you’re here for a China post…scram!

What? Oh, I have to be nice to the DOGS!? Oh, well, I suppose they can stay and bask in my beatiful presence.

Miss Kitty, don’t worry, my plans are to dominate this blog. Just because it’s named after that dog doesn’t mean I’m not in charge.

So, what’s new in my world? Not much. Sleeping, eating, using the…ahem…facilities. I take a bath at least once a day – self-bathing. I’ve never had to be dunked in water in my entire life. I always smell good.

Too bad I can’t say that for that dog. Last week she was so stinky that Daddy wouldn’t even touch her, so Mom threw her in the tub and rinsed her down.

You know, I think that’s my favorite show.

Timmy, I’m glad that you’ve made your way over. I’m never mean to that dog…well, maybe just a little but she has you fooled! She’s not all that nice. She has this habit of slurping my face when I’m least expecting it and the beans tell me I should appreciate it! Hello! I can clean my own face and it doesn’t smell like dog breath afterwards.

Cal, that dog and I can be happy on the same blog as long as she remembers who’s really in charge. Even if she doesn’t respect my feline-ness, she has to respect my seniority.

Oh, and I much prefer the Sassy phrasing of that quote: CATS rule and DOGS drool.



  1. Cal the Wonderdog

    I just don’t know what to say about this. China! A cat can’t take over, it’s just not right. You have to do something!!

    Talking about how stinky you are – that cat wouldn’t know to roll in a good dead fish to save her life!

    And Miss Kitty, you know what? Dog spelled backwards is very impressive. But cat spelled backward is “tac”. That’s like half of a tic-tac or somethin’.

    China, help me out here! This is all a bad dream. Cats taking over dog blogs, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . .


  2. Timmy

    You’re ARE a sassy little poodin’ aren’t you?! LOL! No wonder your nickname is hissy kitty 😉 Be good and clean that woofie spit off your face!

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