Sep 16 2005


So, get this all my puddin’ friends:

Last night, when it was bedtime for the beans (which is my dinner time) Mom fed me, like usual, but not like usual, she skimped on about 10 kibble bits! She was thinking that she could get me to lose some of my lovely body if she cut back just a little on the kitty kibble.

Well, pfft! on that! This morning, after Mom left and when Daddy woke up, I followed him around and gave him the ‘I’m so hungry I’m starving’ stare and he fed me again.

So, I got twice as much food as I would have if Mom had just fed me right in the first place.

Hee, hee, hee. That’ll teach her.


  1. Beau

    Good for you! Serves them right! If my bag of food is out I claw and chew a hole in it until I can get food out of it at will! (Then mom bought a big plastic bin…DARN!)

  2. Audrey (aka Hissy Kitty)

    I used to do that to, Beau, when they kept my food under the sink. I know how to open cabinet doors and if they were late feeding me, I’d open it up and feed myself.

    Now, they keep the bag out of my reach. Pfft!


  3. Cal the Wonderdog

    Just like Beau, I now have a big plastic bin and can’t get more food. But lately tons of food has been dropping from the table. If you are around a 9 year old boy anytime soon, just lay down right beside his chair with your head pointing under the table. Then all you have to do is wait until goodies start droppin’!


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