Sep 03 2010

Blast from the Past

Today, we will be featuring pictures from the far past…or at least three years.

First, we have the first picture Mom ever took of Zoe. I think it’s fitting that the picture is fuzzy and Zoe just isn’t cooperating. That should have been their first clue, don’t you think?

Zoe's First Picture

Hey, is that a camera? I LOVE cameras!

For my historical portrait, I chose to feature my friend Rasta Man with his first hairdo. In case you’re new to the blog, everytime he got  a little worn out and frayed, Mom would take him out to the spa and he would come back all clean, with no holes and a whole new hairdo! He liked gray, dark gray and even darker gray! (Mom says it was really red, blue and purple – whatever those things are.)

Rasta's first hairdo

Rasta's first hairdo

I don’t play with Rasta Man much anymore – we’re both too old for that stuff – but he’s still around and still sporting the same do.

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